By Sandra Gonzalez
Updated September 22, 2011 at 12:00 PM EDT
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How I Met Your Mother has found its Slutty Pumpkin! CBS confirms to EW that Katie Holmes will step into the show’s iconic (and, until now, mysterious) role for a Halloween-themed episode this season. And after mulling over this choice for nearly an hour…my head hurts.

I don’t want to say the casting disappoints me (in fact, that’s far from true; I loved Holmes as Joey on Dawson’s Creek) — but it certainly makes me wonder: Could Holmes be The Mother?

The Slutty Pumpkin has always been an important part of Mother mythology, and, on a deeper level, an important symbol of Ted’s belief in love. (Quick recap: In 2001, Ted met the Slutty Pumpkin at a Halloween party in which he was a hanging chad, and she was a pumpkin with strategically placed holes. But Lily accidentally tossed her phone number, so, for years, Ted went to the same party, in the same costume, hoping to meet her. He never has.) In my brain, that’s the perfect person to have come back and play the most important person of Ted’s life. Additionally, my guess would be that the show would want a big name to helm the title role.

Years ago, I not-so-secretly wanted The Mother to be Rachel Bilson. And when that went out the window, I at least hoped it would be someone equally as likable. Again, I’m not saying I don’t like Holmes, but I’m very protective over the shows I love. I just want it to be the right fit, and I’m not entirely sure she would be the one I’d want to see in the part. I mean, her strength has been in dramatic roles; maybe she’s been hiding some amazing comedy chops all these years?

This is all speculation, of course. She could be a one-episode wonder, but I just don’t see that happening with the Slutty Pumpkin. We’ve been told many times that there is a grand plan for this show, and I’m almost entirely certain they wouldn’t build up the Slutty Pumpkin just to bring her in for a single episode. Time will tell…

Meanwhile, you tell me, PopWatchers: What do you think of this casting choice? What do you think the Slutty Pumpkin’s appearance means for Victoria and Ted’s chances? (Yes, in my head, they’re already dating again because I love them together so much that I can’t entertain the idea that they won’t give it another chance starting in episode 2. We’ll see.) And are you excited to see the episode?

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