Jack Frost is starting to blow his chill on most of us as we get deeper into fall. But in the video for his new single “Pass At Me,” Timbaland, along with Pitbull, jets to a place where the sun still beams, ladies dance in bikinis, and outdoor swimming is still an option.

The two live it up on boats and beaches before hitting up a David Guetta concert. (No coincidence, since he produced the cut). Check out the video after the jump

Pitbull handles the bulk of the lyrics here, while Timbo mostly just makes odd faces as he looks at cuties and yells, “Oh, my God!” It’s a fun clip. I mean, really, it never hurts seeing gorgeous women in swimsuits (or sexy stewardess getups!) shake it up.

What did you think of the video? Make you wish it was June instead of September? Let us know.

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