By Kate Ward
Updated September 21, 2011 at 05:30 PM EDT

We have been waiting so long for answers about the much-anticipated iPhone 5, you might as well slap the gadget on ABC and call it Lost. Earlier this year, Apple devotees licked their lips in anticipation, hearing whispers that the iPhone 5 would be released in June. Then August. Then September. Then we lost all faith entirely and wondered, what are we doing sitting here wasting several episodes in The Temple waiting? Will we ever find satisfaction?

Seems we may finally get closure: Sources have told The Wall Street Journal‘s AllThingsD blog that Apple has scheduled its next media event for Oct. 4… which is when we can expect to finally — finally! — see the new iPhone 5. This would mean my dying iPhone 3G has to hang on to life for just a few more weeks. If you do hold on, dear iPhone 3G, I will agree to put you out of your misery at the time when you most threaten to die on me: In the middle of a game of Fruit Ninja when I’m just about to beat my high score.

But can we believe that Oct. 4 is the date? Who knows — Apple has not returned EW’s call for comment. But I’ve waited so damn long for this thing, it better at least hover. Make it happen, Mr. Tim Cook!

Think we will actually see the iPhone 5 this time, PopWatchers? And what’s the worst thing your iPhone 3G has done to you in its death throes?

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