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Updated September 21, 2011 at 05:00 PM EDT
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Now we know what happened to Peter Bishop after he disappeared from history in last May’s season finale of Fringe — he took a job writing comics.

In advance of the Fox’s sci-fi saga’s season four premiere on Friday (9/8c PM), DC Entertainment is launching Beyond The Fringe, a new comic book series that fans of the show can buy for 99 cents via digital download. The first installment — available this afternoon at — is written by Joshua Jackson himself and drawn Jorge Jimenez. (Cover art is by Drew Johnson.) New issues will post every two weeks and will alternate between “A storylines” and “B storylines.” The former will explore uncharted regions of the show’s mythology; the latter will feature “what if?” tales that imagine variations of events and adventures.

Jackson’s three-part “A” arc is entitled “Peter and The Machine” and takes place between the events depicted in the season three finale and the forthcoming season premiere. DC Entertainment and Warner Bros. Television supplied EW with a two-page excerpt from the comic, sans captions and word balloons. However, since we watch Fringe wayyy too closely, we might surmise the context.

Lewis Jacobs/NBC

Recall that in the finale, we learned the secret of The First People’s alleged “doomsday machine.” It wasn’t built eons ago by sophisticated ancients — it was actually built in the future, by Walter himself, sent back in time piece by piece via a wormhole in Central Park. By doing so, Walter created the legend of “The First People.” Judging from these pages, one might wonder if Peter volunteered to ferry the first components of the apocalyptic device through the time tunnel. Exit point: 250 million years in the past. Looks like he spent his caveman vacation penning one of those “First People” diaries.

Lewis Jacobs/NBC

But then again, we could be wrong.

Lewis Jacobs/NBC

Beyond The Fringe can also be downloaded via the DC Comics app on iTunes and Android. To clarify, the posting schedule goes like this:

Sept. 21: Part 1 of Jackson’s “A storyline” arc.

Oct. 5: The first “B storyline” issue.

Oct. 19: Part 2 of Jackson’s “A storyline” arc.

Nov. 2: “B storyline” issue.

Nov. 16: The last part of Jackson’s story.

Nov. 30: “B storyline” issue.

Dec. 14: “A storyline” issue.

And so on.

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