Though his nom de synth suggests something tired and dull, low-fi keyboard king Ernest Greene, a.k.a. Washed Out, is just getting warmed up.

Within and Without, his first full-length album, has been steadily generating buzz since it dropped back in July, and the attention is well-warranted; his combination of moody, swirling melodies and heart-on-sleeve longing only sound better as the leaves fall off the trees.

EW is happy to premiere the Iceland-shot video for his new single “Amor Fati,” in which Greene pairs minimalist swoon with a good old-fashioned road movie that finds his stand-in (fellow musician Luke Rathborne) rambling along country roads, chasing livestock, taking a bath with a beautiful woman, engaging in some verbal foreplay with a hot dog vendor, and generally re-creating the hallucinatory sense of awe and alienation one gets on an extended foreign vacation.

Check it out below.

To us, the energy of the “Amor Fati” video echoes the Robyn’s clip for “Hang With Me,” another series of on-the-road vignettes that add up to a stirring combination of freedom and ennui, but goes one step further and often just lets the landscape speak for itself (seriously, we can’t get over that one climactic shot of the crater).

What do you think of Washed Out’s video for “Amor Fati”? Does it remind you of that Robyn clip? Or does it more closely resemble a super-serene version of that awesome European vacation sequence from The Rules of Attraction? Sound off in the comments!