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The grand fellowship of Academy Award hosts is a small and storied one indeed — Billy Crystal, Whoopi Goldberg, Chris Rock, Jon Stewart, Wolverine, Catwoman, etc. Whenever someone new enters its ranks, I’m certain there’s some kind of inauguration ceremony, probably involving doing a trust fall into a high kicking chorus line while exorcising demons of bad ceremonies past by screaming “OPRAH! UMA!” until your throat bleeds. Or maybe just a nice luncheon at Spago.

Anyhoots, my “point” is, advice is likely given, passed down from veteran hosts to newbies — and, usually, it’s in private. But thankfully, multiple Oscar host Steve Martin just put his advice to upcoming rookie host, and former Bowfinger co-star, Eddie Murphy on his website for all to see. They are wise words indeed, and you can read them in full below:

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Are you happy with Martin’s advice? What would you suggest Eddie Murphy do, or not do, when he takes to the Kodak this February?

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