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“Noooo!” Those were the only words I could seem to muster out (okay, shout) when Ted’s ex Victoria (Ashley Williams) re-emerged out of nowhere during the second episode of last night’s seventh season premiere of How I Met Your Mother.

I couldn’t tell whether it was the initial shock (there was a lot of frustrating information to take in last night, including whether Barney is marrying Nora or Robin) or whether I was disappointed that Victoria was back in general that made me react that way. But why would I be mad that she’s returned, cupcakes and all? After all, the only reason I vehemently rooted against Victoria when she was introduced in the first season is because I was too busy rooting for Ted and Robin to finally make a go of it.

Aside from the fact that Victoria liked cats over dogs and ditched Ted to accept a culinary scholarship in Germany, Ms. Buttercup herself was actually pretty likable (she was game to do some “awesome air kicks”). Even more so when you look back at T-Mose’s rocky dating track record (hello, Zoey, Karen, Stella, and goodbye).

While none of Ted’s girlfriends have ever compared to Robin, we knew from day one that Ms. Scherbotsky was never going to be Mrs. Mosby. But could Victoria be? Could she actually be the yet-to-be seen roommate of Ted’s other ex Cindy (Rachel Bilson), who turns out to be the mother of all sitcom mysteries? Or is she just another stepping stone to Ted’s eventual walk down the aisle?

Whether or not she’s the mother (my money’s on her not being the future Mrs. Mosby), was Victoria still Ted’s best girlfriend so far? She did, after all, tell the filthiest story the gang’s ever heard, and has some seriously good taste in shoes. Or is it impossible to choose anyone other than Robin? After all, Ted never stole a blue french horn or made it rain for her? (It’s a predictable pick, but Robin gets my vote. Unlike Stella, who I liked the least. Sorry, but she hated Star Wars, it was doomed from the start.)

But, I’m curious fellow HIMYM-obsessed PopWatchers, which of Ted’s girlfriends did you like the most? Or how about the least? Did you like long-term love interests like Robin, Zoey, and Stella, or more short-term flings like Cindy, Karen, and Victoria? (Or even shorter-term flings like chatty Cathy or dumped-via-voice mail Natalie?) Take the polls below and then defend your choice in the comments section!

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