Hawaii Five-0 pulled out all the stops for its action-packed season 2 premiere last night, and those of you who remember the Hawaii Five-0 Bingo game Darren Franich introduced in season 1 will be happy to know we finally got Bingo.* See the card below.

McGarrett broke out of prison after being shanked (nicely) by Wo Fat henchman Hess (guest star James Marsters), who knew Hess would have him killed next to tie up loose ends if McGarrett didn’t get to Wo Fat first. McGarrett jumped out of the moving ambulance and ran real fast. After being sewn up by Heroes‘ Masi Oka, we got a nice long shirtless scene as McGarrett lay on the couch to recover. And thank you Danno and Chin for showing up before he had a chance to button his shirt.

Guest star Terry O’Quinn, who’ll recur as McGarrett’s former SEAL instructor Joe White, had a lead, and as Danno drove Steve to meet him, Danno talked to his angelic daughter, who’s returning to Hawaii with her mother (who’s going back to Stan because the baby she’s carrying is his, not Danno’s). As Steve reclined in the back seat to stay out of sight, he and Danno flirted shamelessly in the rearview mirror. The lead was an old Japanese fighter pilot who made Hawaii his home after feeling guilt for bombing Pearl Harbor. He’d befriend McGarrett’s father and asked him to secretly conduct an investigation when he became upset about police and government corruption. (Sure. Why not.) That’s when McGarrett’s father found out the governor was in bed with Wo Fat. Before McGarrett’s father died, he told the pilot he had evidence hidden on an island. Jenna found a key in McGarrett’s father’s tool box and traced it to the airport. Whee, a helicopter ride! Turns out McGarrett’s father had a hidden camera in the governor’s study. If it was still there, it would have captured her murder and could clear McGarrett. McGarrett was cleared, and the Lt. Governor reinstated Five-0, except for Kono, who’s still under investigation.

Speaking of Kono, she’d gotten caught snapping pictures of Wo Fat, who’d shown up at the Governor’s funeral and given Chin a chance to pick one of his henchmen’s pockets and grab his wallet to start a trace. After a series of kicks, she freed herself and was able to call Chin and tell them to get to the pier where she’d seen Wo Fat’s deal going down. While McGarrett, Danno, and Kim chased after Wo Fat — BOAT COPS — Kono and Joe went after the terrorist who’d bought the raw materials for a dirty bomb. Chin steering the speed boat with his left hand and firing a rather large gun with his right hand was badass (and slightly laughable). Wo Fat wasn’t on the boat, but one of his henchmen survived. Book ’em, Danno.

Instead of breaking police brutality laws, McGarrett set the guy free as bait for Wo Fat, who’d have to tie up another loose end. Kono will continue to work and drink with Five-0 in an unofficial capacity until her mess gets sorted out (Chin didn’t hear that), and Joe will pop up again some time when he’s not taking surfing lessons from Kono, who’s been spending her free time in a bikini. Danno watched the footage they’d found in McGarrett’s father’s locker. There was no sound, but there was a shot of his dad in a meeting with Wo Fat and the governor and shaking Wo Fat’s hand. Was that part of his cover, or was Wo Fat right: If Steve keeps digging, will he find out something about his dad he won’t like?

The episode ended with us finding out something about Jenna we don’t like: After Wo Fat dressed as a guard and killed Hess in prison (RIP, James Marsters!), he got into a car DRIVEN BY JENNA. So is he somehow forcing her to work with him (like she had a bomb attached to her behind the wheel), or was her whole backstory bull?

* The surfing free space is in the opening credits. CBS considers Wo Fat more of a “criminal” than a “gangster,” or we would have had a second Bingo (if you count postage stamp).

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