By Lynette Rice
Updated September 20, 2011 at 05:07 AM EDT

Chynna Phillips would like to thank all of the little people for her premiere performance on Dancing with the Stars.

She means that literally: When she broke into a solo during her Viennese Waltz with Tony Dovolani, the singer claims she “literally felt the angels of the orphanage that I work with” and how “all the little kids were dancing around with me.” When Phillips first joined the show, she said she wanted to raise awareness about the “40,000 orphans running the streets of Tijuana.”

“They were dancing around me. I could feel them. And I could feel their energy,” Phillips told reporters after her performance that helped her earn one of the highest scores of the night. (She earned a 22 and tied with JR Martinez). “We are on a mission to build a 60-room dorm for these kids!”

Okay, but what about that fancy footwork, Chynna? “You know what’s funny, when you don’t know what to expect and you don’t know anything different … I’ve never watched Dancing with the Stars before, so I didn’t know that nobody gets solos the first

time,” she explained. “That was good, at least I didn’t know so it didn’t make me scared. I didn’t know if the cameras were on me for the solo. I had no idea. Tony just told me to do it and I did it.”

Added Dovolani, “When I was watching her do the solo, I could tell something more than just what she’s doing. So I asked her, ‘something came over you. You weren’t normal,’ meaning you weren’t Chynna that thinks, you were Chynna that embodied this special energy. And she said there were some angels around her.” — With reporting from Carrie Borzillo

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