By Aly Semigran
Updated September 20, 2011 at 08:15 PM EDT

American Horror Story

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The website for the chilling new series American Horror Story is called Sure, it doesn’t have quite the same easygoing panache as, say, and it sounds like it could also possibly be a thinly veiled threat from Tamar Braxton, but it’s still a pretty cool site.

Upon entering the site, visitors are informed they can “go behind closed doors to discover the secrets of the American Horror Story house” where you’ll find “artifacts of murder, lust, perversion, and betrayal.” (So, sorta just like your Sims house!) After a stop at the mailbox (you can sign up to have trinkets sent to you via email or snail mail to unlock parts of the website), you’ll be greeted by ghost children, Jessica Lange, and a man on fire who crawls up into the fireplace. Hey, you can’t say they didn’t warn you. This website is called, after all.

As you move through the rooms of the dwelling — beginning in the 1940s at the site of a grisly wedding day murder and ending present day in a quiet, albeit creepy corner of the haunted house — you’ll not only encounter some of the show’s cast members (run, Dylan McDermott, get out of here!) but some grisly scenes (there’s a suicide in the kitchen in the 1950s), old time-y music (a horror movie staple that lets you know terrible things are about to happen), and creepy artifacts. (Here’s hoping they don’t mail you the disgusting mummified creature from the 1960s attic!)

You should enter at your risk for a number of reasons: It’s a highly addictive website (if you weren’t interested in American Horror Story, which debuts on FX on Oct. 5, you will be now) and though it doesn’t have quite the same cheap thrills of an actual haunted house, it’s still pretty fun. Of course, when I tried to tell some of my EW colleagues about, they informed me that that website’s been dead for thirty years. Twist!

Did you visit American Horror Story‘s website, PopWatchers? Which find in the house intrigued you the most? Did you sign up to get the artifacts, too? Share in the comments section below, if you’re still alive, that is.

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