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One of the highlights of Taylor Swift’s massive Speak Now tour is the portion of the show that finds her covering songs by artists who hail from whatever city she happens to be playing in that night.

When she made her way to Newark, New Jersey, she whipped out Bon Jovi, while Detroit was treated to Eminem’s “Lose Yourself.” And who could forget the massive singalong to Tal Bachman’s “She’s So High” in Toronto?

On Friday night, Swift played Nashville, the town she currently calls home and the origin point for most of the country world. Would she choose a country classic to cover, or would she go meta and cover one of her own songs?

Ultimately, she called on Paramore singer and fro-yo pal Hayley Williams, who joined Swift on stage for a run through Paramore’s “That’s What You Get.” This news positively delighted everybody in the crowd, as Williams got a massive crowd pop when she was announced.

Were they excited to see her team up with her famous friend, or were they just really into her crazy bedazzled fanny pack? Decide for yourself by watching the video after the jump. (It’s a little shaky, but it settles down eventually, and the sound is good.)

The teaming of Swift and Williams allows us to bring up a point of discussion that gets tossed around the Entertainment Weekly music department quite a bit (because we are never not debating Swift’s merits).

Are we the only people who think that Speak Now’s “Better Than Revenge” is essentially the song twin of Paramore’s breakout single “Misery Business”? They share a similar guitar crunch, the same “whoa-ohs” in the chorus, and almost identical lyrical themes.

“Misery Business” cooks at a few more beats per minute, but they’re otherwise pretty similar. Give a listen to them both here.

Taylor Swift, “Better Than Revenge”

Paramore, “Misery Business”

Are we way off base here, or do you think Swift heard her friend’s band and thought, “Yeah, I can do that too”?