By Aubry D'Arminio
Updated September 19, 2011 at 03:35 PM EDT
Credit: T. Charles Erickson

“What’s different about my Jack as opposed to Christian Bale’s Jack? He’s a bit more fun-loving,” says Newsies star Jeremy Jordan (pictured, singing “The World Will Know” to his fellow warbling paper peddlers, including Andrew Keenan-Bolger’s Crutchie) about taking over Bale’s part in the stage version of Disney’s cult hit. “He’s a little less broody. He still has the same dreams and aspirations. He’s just as powerful, but he’s much more flirty.” He’s also much smaller: “Instead of being bigger than everybody, and almost intimidating,” adds Jordan, “he finds himself as one of the guys.”

Newsies, which opens on Sept. 25 at the New Jersey’s Paper Mill Playhouse, also gives Jack some new songs to sing and a whole new love interest. (For a full list of the show’s changes, read our sneak peek.) “The original love story had no meat to it,” explains Jordan. “Ours has a much stronger love story and a much stronger connection to the power of the press and how you can completely influence people just by writing something.” And just in case you’re worrying that Jordan and co., are playing around too much with your childhood favorite, there’s no need to fret. He’s a fan, too. “I was obsessed,” he remembers of seeing the film when he was 9-years-old, “It was the one movie that didn’t have a Disney princess in it. I probably saw it once a week.”

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