If you watched any NFL football yesterday (or at least the underwhelming drubbing the New York Jets dealt out to the Jacksonville Jaguars), then you undoubtedly caught the new commercial for Fiat that prominently features Jennifer Lopez, a series of daredevil stuntmen, and Lopez’s latest Love? single “Papi.”

And shortly after you realized it was an ad for Fiat, you probably thought to yourself, “Huh?”

The whole thing has been clarified a bit thanks to the just-premiered clip for “Papi,” which is essentially a five-minute version of the car ad you’ve already seen, with a plug for Crown Royal Black tossed in for good measure.

Refreshingly, there’s a narrative in the clip that finds Lopez eating some sort of magical cookie that makes every man she comes across obsess over her. The chase becomes infinitely more complicated (and expensive) until she finds herself trapped in a flash-mob production of West Side Story.

You can watch the whole thing below, though prepare to suppress your sudden craving for 90-proof liquor.

Just so we’re clear, Lopez is borrowing the plot from an episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer that also sort of swiped the device from an episode of Saved By the Bell. You know what they say: If you’re going to steal, steal from the best.

This clip is quite a bit more cinematic than the other clips from Love?, though that’s almost certainly because of the corporate checking account made available to her.

(As a side note, Lopez is free to do what she likes, and she’s certainly not the only artist who goes down that road — Lady Gaga rarely makes a video without a shill or two — but isn’t there a more subtle way to plug your check-writing facilitators than to literally put the product on a silver platter?)

What do you think of “Papi”? Is Love? one of the most underrated pop albums of the year? Can anybody explain why I’ve had the Lopez/Ja Rule tag-team “I’m Real” stuck in my head for nearly a week? If you have any opinions (or solutions), leave them below.