By Annie Barrett
Updated September 19, 2011 at 11:25 PM EDT

Update: Annie’s recap is live! Welcome back, DANCMSTRs! I’ve missed you so. The Dancing With the Stars season 12 finale is but a distant gem-ory in my fringe-wrapped, sequin-shaped Swarovski crystal brain. Did you have a sparkly summer? Is this a rhetorical question? Of course it is.

Nominate your hidden gems in the comments of this post as usual, but this season we’re trying something else out, too! You can watch tonight’s two-hour premiere with me on our new second-screen app,’s ViEWer. Just click here to try it out. Do it!

And feel free to ask me anything — DWTS-related or otherwise — on this VYou thing I’m trying out. (Just type your query into the field below the picture, then click on the questions on the right to see what I’ve already answered.)

Keep it clean, weirdos!

Just like Bruno always does.

Come back in the morning for my recap! Here it is!

XOXO,’s Fringe Fairy

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