Even if you already caught Bridesmaids in theaters, you’ll want to check it out again at home. Why? Because unlike most comedies on DVD and Blu-ray that boast of hilarious special features, Bridesmaids actually delivers the goods. EW has an exclusive clip below from one of the behind-the-scenes features in which star Kristen Wiig, her writing partner Annie Mumolo, and producer Judd Apatow talking about the Bridesmaids writing process — including how quickly Wiig and Mumolo cranked out their first draft.

If you watch hard enough, you’ll even get a very quick peek of one of the best extras on the DVD and Blu-ray (out Sept. 20): A deleted scene between Kristen Wiig and Paul Rudd, in which they go on a blind date that starts off promisingly but then spirals out of control as Rudd turns out the be a short-fused rageaholic. What’s surprising about the outtake isn’t that it’s hilarious (how could it not be with those two?), but that a star of Rudd’s caliber got left on the cutting room floor.

When EW asked Wiig if the scene was agonizing to get rid of, here’s what she had to say: “Oh my God, you have no idea! I mean, we did screenings, and when he popped up on screen, people just went crazy. You rarely get to see that side of Paul Rudd because he’s such a nice person, you know, and in this scene he’s such an a–hole. We had so much fun the days he was there and it was so incredibly painful. Our first cut was so long. It’s the hardest thing to have to cut stuff.” (Click here for more from our brand-new interview with Wiig, along with co-stars Rose Byrne, Wendi McLendon-Covey, and Ellie Kemper.)

Speaking of cutting stuff, in the DVD and Blu-ray’s extras, there’s a ton of deleted scenes, gag reels, and alternate takes that are priceless. One of the best is a riff reel that allows scene-stealer Melissa McCarthy to freestyle about her various ideas for bachelorette party themes. You can also watch that bonus clip below. (Reporting by Stephan Lee)

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