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Brad Pitt needs you to know that he’s not some kind of hero—despite recent reports suggesting otherwise.

In the new issue of Entertainment Weekly, Brad Pitt responds to claims that he rescued an extra on the set of upcoming zombie movie World War Z during an in-depth conversation on his life and career, the first in a series called The EW Interview.

Read an excerpt from the interview below:

EW: I just read about how you rescued an extra on the set. Congratulations on that.

BRAD PITT: I have no idea what you’re talking about.

Seriously? It was all over the Internet.

I make a point of not seeing that stuff.

An extra fell down and was going to get trampled, but you swooped in on a horse and it was very gallant.

On a horse? I haven’t been on a horse. There are no horses in the movie.

Okay, forget the horse—maybe I’m drunk. But you came and saved her somehow and it was very gallant.

That’s bulls—. Listen, when someone falls down, you’re going to help.

Honestly? If I were a movie star, I would send one of my assistants.

Listen, a lot of our scenes are with masses of people. We’ve had several scenes where people have fallen down.

Have you saved any lives at all?

I have not saved any lives, okay? People fall and twist ankles—the extras have really been giving it. And you don’t want people to get hurt. If I’m not the first one there, someone else is.

Not to take anything away from your rescue, but I think Kate Winslet saving Richard Branson’s mother was a little more heroic.

[Laughs] I did see that.

For more on Brad Pitt and his perspective on his life and career, pick up the new issue of Entertainment Weekly, on stands September 16th

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