Melody Thomas Scott
Credit: Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

It never seemed possible and it turns out it wasn’t: Despite fears that Melody Thomas Scott — aka Nikki Newman — was leaving Young and the Restless for good, the actress has confirmed to EW that she signed a new deal to stay with the CBS sudser.

Like previous years, she was required to take a pay cut. (Hey, soap finances are not like they used to, something the actress freely acknowledges). But the upbeat Scott is only focusing on the positive: She secured a three-year deal to resume the beloved role of Victor’s on-and-off-again wife.

“I was thrilled to hear it was three years,” Scott told EW. “That means they are thinking very positively about the state of everything. That’s great they are.”

Back in June, Scott tweeted that she was off the CBS daytime drama in light of her contract expiring and hadn’t been on set since April 28. How did the show address her absense? Nikki was entering rehab for drinking. “I have recd no scripts since. Y&R has not contacted me,” she wrote.

This is the longest Scott has gone without a contract since 2002, when she missed seven weeks of taping while her reps tried to close a new deal. She’s played Nikki since 1979.

“I never did get an answer,” Scott recalls after leaving the set last spring. ” They probably were thinking, `well gee, let’s see how we can do without so and so without telling them.’ I assume it was a financial thing.”

Scott credits her fans for the Twitter and letter writing campaign that she believes led to her new contract. “If fans had not stepped up, I would not have a job today. I’m so grateful.”

Scott expects to return to the set sometime in October. Will she be back on the wagon? Not if Scott has anything to do with it! (She hasn’t received a script yet). “I love Nikki drinking!” Scott said. “I like it as an actor. It’s much more fun, and everybody seems to prefer a drunk Nikki.”