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Updated September 16, 2011 at 02:29 PM EDT
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Sept. 3rd marked a momentous occasion for Stephen Colbert and Jimmy Fallon: The end of their six-month BFF courtship. Only problem is, both men forgot the date, as they are both terrible at counting on their fingers and keeping track of the months. The two figured it out when Fallon dropped by The Colbert Report Thursday night to bring his temporary friend his favorite tea (Jasmine Pomegranate Zinger!) and take a trip down memory lane (through their Pensieve!). After re-living all the fun (tandem bike riding, slumber parties, killing finding a drifter), Colbert and Fallon soon realized they’d already surpassed their friendship expiration date. (“I just realized I haven’t liked you for twelve days,” Colbert says.) In addition to already being Emmy rivals on Sunday, they would now have to be eternal enemies… for six months. Thankfully, someone special in the audience volunteered to be Colbert’s new BFF. Let’s just say it’s another person with a penchant for giggling. Watch the full, hilarious clip:

Are you sad Colbert and Fallon are no longer BFFs, too, PopWatchers? Who do you hope emerges victorious at the Emmys on Sunday? Will Colbert’s new BFF be able to stack up to Fallon? Share in the comments section below.

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