R Kelly Pub

Last winter R&B icon R. Kelly dropped Love Letter, his most tasteful album in years. The ‘60s soul-inspired set was more about affection and courtship than threesomes and other R-rated exploits, which was the lane Kells had been cruising in for a while.

But yesterday on 107.5 WGCI’s The Morning Riot, Kelly announced that he’s headed back to Nastyville on his forthcoming album, brilliantly titled Black Panties.

“I just did the whole Love Letter joint and everybody’s thinking, ‘ That’s the direction he’s going now,’” Kelly said on his Chicago hometown station. “No! That was a moment in time, just like ‘Ignition’ and ‘Bump N’ Grind.’ Now this Black Panties is the new 12 Play.”

Of course he’s referring to his classic album, one that’s warmed up many fans’ nights since it came out in November 1993. Kelly even confessed that he has three kids of his own thanks to it. Whoa.

Kelly promises that the first single from Panties, “10 Minutes,” is coming soon. Though he didn’t reveal any details about it, I imagine that what we’ll be hearing will be fit to soundtrack various bedroom romps.

But considering the success he had with Love Letter, is leaning on raunchiness the way to go? Its first single, “When a Woman Loves,” scored him major points in the R&B adult-contemporary world. And let’s not forget that Kells is a grown man. He’s 44. I’m not sure I want to hear about him doing things that artists nearly half his age (hello, Trey) do.

What do you think? Looking forward to Kelly getting back to his explicit ways? Or should he “grow up,” so to speak?

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