Veronica Roth made her YA debut earlier this year with Divergent. And even though the sequel won’t hit shelves until May 2012, EW has the exclusive cover reveal for Insurgent today. But there’s even more! We also got Roth to answer a few questions about the trilogy. Don’t, however, expect her to give away too much — Roth remains tight-lipped about what’s coming up in book 2. Read on to find out how Roth came up with her trilogy, the success of the series, and what book 3 will not be called.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Where did you come up with the idea for Divergent and the subsequent trilogy?

VERONICA ROTH: I came up with the idea when I was driving to Minnesota, where I spent my first year of college. I was just listening to a song, and an image of someone jumping off a building, but not for a self-destructive reason, popped into my head. When I thought about why a person might do that, I came up with the first faction — Dauntless — and also the story of a person within that faction.

Did you always intend for this story to be a trilogy?

It’s not that I ever sat down and outlined a trilogy, but I always have a sense of what size an idea is when I start it. Some ideas are short-story sized, some are novel-sized, and this one was series-sized. I don’t think I had the audacity, as a young writer, to think that it would ever actually become a series, but I certainly dreamed it up that way.

Did you ever think Divergent would be so successful?

I try not to expect anything, because expectations are rarely accurate, whether they’re good or bad. But I was cautiously optimistic. I had a lot of support from the publisher and from early reviewers. So I certainly hoped that it would do well. What I found most encouraging, though, was a few weeks in, when it seemed like the friends of early readers had started to pick it up. That meant word of mouth, and word of mouth means that readers are responding to the book enough to recommend it, which is amazing. Maybe that’s a good way to describe how it’s been. I am continually amazed.

What can you tell readers about Insurgent?

I can’t say much because there’s very little I can reveal without spoiling everything. But I will say that the factions there were not featured in Divergent will have a more prominent role in Insurgent, and that readers will learn more about Tobias’ history. But essentially, the book is about consequences. The repercussions of what Tris did, and what Jeanine did at the end of the first book, in particular.

Where does Insurgent pick up after Divergent? Has any time passed?

Insurgent picks up pretty much right where Divergent leaves off. Very little time has passed.

Anything else you want to add about the trilogy?

The third book will be called Detergent, and the tagline will be One Choice Can Disinfect You. Okay, that’s a lie.

Are you excited about Insurgent? What do you think about the cover? Check out our interview with Roth, and then sound out in the comments below.

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