Most It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia fans have, at one point or another, questioned the sexuality of Glenn Howerton’s Dennis. (After all, we did see him wake up next to two men way back in season 1’s “The Gang Gets Racist.”) Personally, I’ve always felt Dennis was far too narcissistic to be sexually interested in anyone more than himself, but, on last night’s Conan, Howerton admitted that Dennis and all of Sunny‘s irreverent characters are ambiguously gay. (Good news for The Waitress!)

For that matter, Howerton talked about how everyone lies somewhere on a gay spectrum. Married with a new baby, Howerton says he’s straight, but “I see Brad Pitt in Fight Club and I go, yeah… NICE.” Where does Conan land on the spectrum? Well, let’s just say he had quite the experimental 1985. Click the jump to watch the video, in which Howerton also talks about his baby (almost named Alien Grandpa Howerton!) and his “extraordinary range” as a Josh Groban-esque singer. Perfect for those of you who have recovered from last night’s gross-out Sunny premiere.

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