By Jeff Jensen
Updated September 16, 2011 at 05:26 PM EDT

One week away from the return of Fringe Friday, Fox has released a significant peek at the sci-fi saga’s season 4 premiere. The tease comes in the form of the fifth and final installment in a series of promos that began in July called “Where Is Peter Bishop?” — a reference to the season 3 cliffhanger that saw Joshua Jackson’s challenger of the unknown disappearing from existence after a trip through time. (Note how Peter’s quantum leaping is evoked in the graphic featured in all of “WIPB?” spots of the numeral 4, toppled over. The icon suggests both looping and branching theories of time travel.)

The ad for the Sept. 23 opener, entitled “Neither Here Nor There,” emphasizes the role that Seth Gabel’s Lincoln Lee will play in the no-Peter rebooted Fringe division. The suavely square FBI agent will be serving as out resident voice of “You Gotta Be Kidding Me With This S—!” incredulity that every far-out freakshow of this stripe must possess. Sharp-eyed fans will spot past Fringe references (see: Walter, not Olivia, spending time in the sensory deprivation tank) and groove on the cryptic Observer appearances. Throughout the spot, we see flashes of Peter, suggesting the idea that Bishop The Younger — exiled in the margins of reality yet inextinguishably resilient– is trying to break back into the space-time continuum. Or something like that. Clarity looms! Until then: Watch and theorize below.


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