Charlie Sheen’s seemingly cold-sober, warlock-free round of humble media interviews continues this morning with his appearance on NBC’s Today show, where he told Matt Lauer he’d be up for a guest appearance on Two and a Half Men.

Wait. What? You mean the show in which his character dies in the upcoming season premiere?

Prompted by Lauer that he should do an “amazing guest appearance” on the comedy hit, Sheen said:

“Absolutely. If they wanted or needed it or thought that was a good idea, I’d be completely on board for that. There’s your closer. I’ll be in the final episode.”

Sheen then added: “Unless I’m really dead. There’s no body at the funeral. There’s no urn … I’m really curious about what happened to me. I’m not just looking at it just as what they’re doing forward but I’m looking at it as what I left behind and how they’re going to figure it out.”

The idea of Charlie Harper returning after being declared dead seems silly. But Men is a sitcom, after all, and stranger things have happened on TV.

Sheen also said that he was a bit taken aback at his Comedy Central roast by how mean the jokes were.

“It was raunchy. They said to prepare yourself. I said ‘It’s just words.’ It wasn’t just words. They were very biting. If you’re going to roast a guy like me there can’t be any boundaries. I was sitting there like, ‘I volunteered for this? … Who would do that?’ But then I thought about it and it’s not an attack. It’s a celebration.”

Commented host Savannah Guthrie: “It’s so interesting to see how much he’s changed this past year. He seems to be a more thoughtful, and — for lack of a better term — sober-minded individual.”

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