By Stephan Lee
September 15, 2011 at 07:43 PM EDT

While EW’s official take on Joe McGinnis’ The Rogue: Searching for the Real Sarah Palin is forthcoming, much of what’s been made public about the book has come from Doonesbury comics and the National Enquirer. Until you can read Rogue itself — it hits bookstores Sept. 20 — here are some of the book’s more salacious claims:

  • Palin snorted cocaine off an overturned oil drum while snowmobiling.
    • Said a member of Palin’s security detail, allegedly: “You know what she was? A housewife who happened to be governor. I’d fly cross-country with her so many times and she’d spend the whole time looking at People magazine.”
      •  In 1987, Palin engaged in a “steamy” hook-up with up-and-coming basketball star Glen Rice. (In the book, McGinnis quotes Rice as having confirmed the incident.)
        • Palin ordered about 20 minority employees fired because she isn’t comfortable with “dark-skinned people.”
          • “On her first day of office, Sarah changed the screensaver on the mayor’s official computer to read, ‘GOD LOVES YOU, SARAH PALIN’”
            • Palin doesn’t cook, so when Todd wasn’t around, the kids subsisted on “burnt” pots of Kraft macaroni and cheese.
            • Now you have something to talk about at your parties tonight, Shelf Lifers. Will you pick up Rogue?

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