Intervention Janet
Credit: A&E

I’ve never been a huge fan of going to sleep in complete silence, but I became particularly dependent on the sound of the television to lure me into sleep when I got a roommate who always fell asleep to Friends reruns. I should note that in a normal living situation, your roommate’s sleeping preferences wouldn’t particularly matter, but we shared a studio apartment and, thus, we slept almost directly next to one another.

When she moved out this summer, I continued the trend until the sound of Joey’s voice started to sound like crickets dancing on swinging rusty gates. (Months later, I’m still going through Friends detox.) Recently, Intervention has taken its place. Intense, I know. “Sleep with the angels”? No thanks. I have inner demons!

The problem? There are only 100 episodes of Intervention available on Netflix, it appears I have a little under 2 months to find a new show that I don’t mind giving less than my full attention. So I need suggestions!

It can’t be something I love — because I always end up making myself stay awake for full episodes. (I usually fall asleep about 30 minutes into Intervention, so I never really see the actual intervention, which is fine by me. I always considered it the least compelling part.) My fellow EWers had their own recs:

Kate Ward recommends the entire Law & Order franchise, saying there’s “nothing as soothing as knowing that whomever enters your house and murders you at night will likely get caught and sent to prison.” On that note, I have to discourage anyone from watching Criminal Minds immediately before slumber. Not only do I always want to watch the entire episode, but it makes for an extremely paranoid evening. Mike Bruno usually turns to Charlie Rose: “I love him and his show, but it’s always so damn late, and I’m just not intellectual enough to stay awake without a fake backdrop or some dramatic music to spice things up.” And Adam B. Vary, whose significant other is anti-TV noise, remembers his earlier days of pre-bed TV: “I used to fall asleep to Star Trek: The Next Generation, and then dream I was on the Enterprise, and it was glorious. Wait, was that out loud?” Yes, it was Adam. And I’m using it in PopWatch, by the way.

Ok, your turn, PopWatchers. What show do you put on before bed? And don’t lie and say Sex and the City. I’ve always wanted to watch that before bed, but the episodes are too short and my DVDs don’t have “play all” buttons. Also, DVD makers, EVERY DISC SHOULD HAVE A FREAKING “PLAY ALL” BUTTON. Sorry, I’m cranky. I didn’t sleep well last night.

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