Remember that eye-popping trailer for The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo that debuted a few months back? Remember that equally eye-popping nude poster for Tattoo? Well, prepare to have your eyes re-popped, because those rascally parodists behind the new Muppets movie have just produced a pitch-perfect imitation of the Tattoo advertising campaign, complete with a why-so-serious picture of Kermit with a (non-nude) Miss Piggy and a new spoof trailer. The trailer features throwaway glances of the starry cameo-cast (including Sarah Silverman, Neil Patrick Harris, and Rico Rodriguez from Modern Family), but still manages to appear lovably DIY. (At one point, the intertitles apologetically admit: “We couldn’t get the rights to the real song, so we had some dude write this one.”) Check it out:

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