September 15, 2011 at 03:51 PM EDT

There has been talk of an Arrested Development movie since the show’s abrupt end in 2006. With the film’s development, well, arrested nearly twice as long as the actual run of the show itself, are you gnashing at the teeth and shivering in your denim cut-offs, beloved never nudes? Well we have some cautiously optimistic news for you: Jason Bateman, in a U.K. presser for The Change-Up (the film is released overseas tomorrow), admitted with a heavy sigh, “It’s frustrating for me that I can’t give fans of the show a more concrete answer because I am as much of a fan of the show as they are. I get it.” That said, he confirmed that negotiations for the film were still on course and made an admittedly unofficial guess that shooting would begin “in the middle of next year.” See the full video after the jump.

So, Development devotees, are you willing to believe Bateman? Or has five years of teasing forced you to close your heart so tight that even the most skilled analrapist couldn’t teach you to love again? It’s been suggested that, like the “Next time on Arrested Development” previews at the end of each episode, all this movie talk is the gang’s last — and greatest — gag. Do you agree? Or is a world that cruel simply too much for you to fathom?

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