By Leah Greenblatt
Updated September 14, 2011 at 08:48 PM EDT

It’s a California gurl’s prerogative, when she’s racked up a Michael-Jackson-matching five number-ones in one album, to pick any damn song she wants when it comes to single number six.

And indeed, the (actually twentysomething) Teenage Dreamer announced today that “The One That Got Away” will be the next album track to go for the six-times gold, with its official radio bow slated for October.

The song, a midtempo ode to a summer-after-high-school love with whom she recalls sharing Mustang makeout sessions to Radiohead and getting “matching tattoos” (like these?), may not seem like the most immediate choice.

After all, Perry did perform the pretty ballad “Not Like the Movies” way back at this year’s Grammys without releasing it as a single, and the naughty show-me-yours-maybe-I’ll-show-you-mine stomper “Peacock” managed to hit the no. 1 spot on Billboard’s U.S. Hot Dance Club Songs without ever being officially pushed by her label.

Plus, there’s always the guitar-heavy ex-boyfriend burn “Circle the Drain” (not a personal favorite, but I know it has its fans), as well as “Pearl,” “Who Am I Living For,” and “Hummingbird Heart.”

Readers, listen to “The One That Got Away” after the jump and tell us if it would be your own first (or fourth) choice for Katy’s sixth single — or if you’d rather have her quit while she’s five massive hits ahead:

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