The history of the entire world as told by Family Guy in 22 minutes?

Yes, please. That will do nicely.

There’s a preview clip for the special below. There are two ways to see the whole thing: 1) Buy the upcoming ninth season DVD, which has the full “History of the World” special on it, or 2) Attend one of 10 Family Guy midnight screenings being held around the country to celebrate the show’s 10th anniversary. (Well, Family Guy has been around since 1999, but getting briefly canceled tends to muck with your TV season vs. actual-years-of-existence dates matching up.) The “Something, Something, Something Anniversary” screenings include the Sept. 25 season premiere where the Griffin family wins the Lotto, the popular episode “Road to the Multiverse,” and the “History of the World” special — go here for screening dates. Here’s the trailer*, which includes, among many, many other things, a John Woo Jesus:

UPDATE: You know how sometimes your DVR tapes a new episode, and you’re all excited, then you sit down to watch and then you realize it’s clip show? Sharp-eyed readers point out this material looks familiar. They’re right. History of the World was assembled from previous episodes. We didn’t know. Your sarcastic slow claps accepted.

* Actually, this is the first minute or so of the special, but it looks-feels like a trailer.

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