She’s co-starred with Ryan Gosling and has grown into one of the most acclaimed actresses in the industry, but there’s yet another reason to feel jealous of Michelle Williams. While filming Nov. 4’s My Week With Marilyn — which centers on Marilyn Monroe’s time filming 1957’s The Prince and the Showgirl — Williams attempted to make her body more curvy, but, simply, just could not gain the weight. “Ultimately, it went right to my face,” she told Vogue in a cover story by Adam Green, shot by Annie Leibovitz. “So at some point it became a question of, Do I want my face to look like Marilyn Monroe’s or my hips?”

Eventually, Williams decided to use padding to bolster her figure, but, based on Vogue‘s piece, it seems her transformation into Monroe in the film is still all natural. Though many of you balked at the first photos of Williams as Monroe, the actress’ immersion into the character is impressive (she read plenty of books, watched movies, and listened to music to become Monroe), and her co-stars are telling folks to expect a spot-on performance. Said Kenneth Branagh, who plays Sir Laurence Olivier, to Vogue, “I’d look over and there is Michelle. Half an hour later, Marilyn has arrived but is a bit sleepy. Half an hour later, I look round and Marilyn is now very frisky. And finally, just before we’re due to be called, Marilyn is fully there — the dress is on, the hair is in place, there’s a glint in the eye.”

Williams also noted that she’s changed as an individual, too, in the past year, not feeling “as shy or nervous or self-conscious.” Of course, most of those latter feelings arose with the death of Heath Ledger, her ex-fiancé, in 2008. (Williams had a daughter, Matilda, with Ledger in 2005.) But, as she told Vogue, Williams has turned a corner: “Three years ago, it felt like we didn’t have anything, and now my life — our life — has kind of repaired itself … Look, it’s not a perfectly operating system — there are holes and dips and electrical storms — but the basics are intact.” Still, Ledger’s death has “changed how I see the world and how I interact on a daily basis. It’s changed the parent I am. It’s changed the friend I am. It’s changed the kind of work that I really want to do. It’s become the lens through which I see life — that it’s all impermanent.” Read Vogue‘s full story here.

PopWatchers, reading the piece, are you more compelled by the idea of Williams as Marilyn Monroe?

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