By Erin Strecker
September 13, 2011 at 04:03 PM EDT
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Last night was the premiere of Gaga by Gaultier, in which kooky French fashion designer Jean-Paul Gaultier interviewed kooky worldwide pop star Lady Gaga.

Taped in May at Gaultier’s studio in Paris, the hour-long interview doesn’t cover a whole lot of new ground for die-hard fans, but does give a quick, True Hollywood Story-esque recap of her career for the rest of us.

And no Gaga interview would be complete without a generous helping of music-video clips to bookend her more out-there statements. Find our top five moments after the jump.

1.) The Fashion. From the meat dress to the man, fashion is central to Gaga’s persona. Here, she laid out her personal mantra for getting dressed in the morning: “I love the mixture of things that are really elegant with things that are really, um, trashy,” she told Gaultier. This may help explain the classy bejeweled tops with the lack of pants she so famously favors.

2.) Lady Starlight. Most interesting to fans might have been the background info on Lady Starlight, Gaga’s onetime sidekick. She’s often given a shout-out in Gaga’s acceptance speeches, but in this chat, Gaga gave us a little more. She explains the story of their meeting for the first time in a bar and becoming friends and burlesque dance partners for life.

3.) Fans, Fans, Fans. No Gaga interview would be complete without a shout-out to her ever-devoted followers. She hit all of the key marks in this chat, talking bullying, overcoming obstacles, and her “Little Monsters’ tattoo on her arm, symbolizing the bond she has with her most loyal believers. It all can be a little much at times, but she spoke very earnestly about her desire to make people believe in themselves.

4.) Lovegame. Gaga cleared the air a bit with regards to her oft-reported bisexuality, saying that while she does identify as bi, she feels that it’s not quite fair to say that, as she has only been in love with men. “I like women, sexually,” she explained. “But I’ve always gravitated toward gay men my whole life.”

5.) Gaultier Approval. The interview ends with Gaultier talking about his sometimes difficult-to-understand English, and then saying with a grin, “I couldn’t make it better, you know why? Because I am born this way.”

And another Little Monster gets their paws.

Did you watch? Did the interview fill in some holes for you about her career, or was it mostly more of the same? Whose shoulder pads were bigger: Gaga or Gaultier’s?

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