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Updated September 13, 2011 at 03:30 PM EDT
Charlie Sheen Roast
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I love the sight of a family reunion in the morning! Charlie Sheen has teamed with his father for a parody of Martin Sheen’s legendary film Apocalypse Now. The Comedy Central digital short was filmed to promote Charlie Sheen’s roast and marks the first time the father and son have appeared together in a scripted project since Martin Sheen guest starred on Two and a Half Men six years ago. The Sheen patriarch has largely turned down interview requests since his son’s headline-making departure from the CBS sitcom, but his supportive role in this video speaks volumes. To say any more would spoil the fun. Check out this must-watch video short titled Charpocolypse (which included Roman Coppola as a technical adviser), and an interview with Comedy Central about the making of the spoof below:

In the run-up to the roast, “we were fantasizing about doing something on Apocalypse Now with Charlie for a month,” said Comedy Central creative director Ari Douthit. “Charlie came in and he could recite the entire movie from beginning to end.”

The spoof was originally going to be just Charlie and the girls in the jacuzzi, and it needed a location. So Sheen suggested shooting in his own backyard. Then Apocalypse Now director Francis Ford Coppola’s son Roman Coppola came on board as a technical adviser to try and match the opening shot as close as possible with the original film. (Charlie and Roman Coppola are also reportedly teaming for an indie film, A Glimpse Inside the Mind of Charlie Swan III.)

If that pairing wasn’t surreal enough, on the morning of the shoot, Sheen dropped a bombshell. “Charlie said, ‘We’re going to need some lines for my father,'” recalls vp of production Jonas Larsen. “We never imagined that would happen.”

The video will be used to promote Charlie Sheen’s roast, which airs Sept. 19. The executives said they were struck by the strong relationship between the actors off camera. “It was a revelation just how sweet they were together,” Larsen says.

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