Well rose lovers, were we not entertained? SPOILER ALERT if you haven’t finished watching tonight’s epic three-hour Bachelor Pad finale. If you have, you’re probably still hoarse from yelling at your TV after Holly and the Pad producers left poor Mike Stagliano bruised, battered, and broken hearted. (Okay, maybe I’m the only one who was yelling.) Of course, tonight we also crowned the “winners” — and thank GOD their names did not rhyme with Stacey and Brianna. Did the right team take home the money? Did Ella really need that new nose? Did Team Bachelor go a little too heavy on the flat-iron with Ben’s hair? So many pressing questions! Stay tuned for my full TV recap later tonight (UPDATE: Click for Kristen Baldwin’s full Bachelor Pad finale recap and Chris Harrison’s exclusive Bachelor Pad blog), but in the meantime, post your thoughts about tonight’s Bachelor Pad finale below. Farewell, rose lovers! Meet you back here in 2012!

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