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Updated September 09, 2011 at 01:00 PM EDT
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“I’d chat more, but no time Roomies. I’m on my way to Austin for a mini vacation before I begin hibernation for the Fall TV season.

Speaking of which, got questions or reactions to what you’ve seen so far about your fave shows? Rumors you need addressed? Austin food suggestions? Email me!!”


A less-mature person might rub it in your face that the season premiere of Castle was recently made available to media folk. (RUB RUB RUB!) Ehem. But a less-mature person hoping to grow would also answer your questions about it with as much detail as possible without totally ruining the surprises you’ll see on Sept. 19. So here we go! (If you didn’t get to ask any, you probably don’t follow me on Twitter. Tisk.)

Hi Sandra, How would you describe the tone of this season compared to previous seasons? Thanks for all you do! I enjoy your column each week. — Cheryl

If I didn’t know that a very fun Halloween episode and a superhero-themed episode were coming up, I’d probably be thinking we were in for the darkest season yet based on the premiere. But since I do know those are on the way, I feel a little better saying perhaps the deep issues that will be dealt with will be scattered throughout the season as they have been in the past. That said, prepare for some not-necessarily-love-related issues to make your heart ache. Particularly one scene that shows a side of someone we’ve never seen before.

I don’t really have a question, just anything your “willing” to share that doesn’t “spoil” anything. — @BecaGreenfield

You’re going to get a lot for a non-question: The park scene everyone has been all excited about? It’s as deep and as good as we all imagined…but not for the reason you might be thinking.

When will we find out what Montgomery put in that envelope during the s3 finale and who he mailed it to? — @lkanoczzz

First episode. But it definitely opens up some more questions in the process.

More next week! Meanwhile, a sneak peek:


Last season of The Big Bang Theory definitely ended with a bang. (Pun intended) But the complicated relationship entanglements won’t overshadow the core nerdiness of the series this season, according to Kunal Nayyar. In fact, we might see less romantic mess and more…science.

“We get away from the relationship stuff a little bit and get back to the guys doing these scientific experiments,” he says. “We put the relationship stuff on hold and let the guys have a little more fun scientifically. It’s great because you really see the girls get together, too. You have two different things going on, and it’s fun because the guys get to go back to what they are really geeky about, and that’s been really fun the first few episodes.”

But before they get to that, the team has to deal with the issue of Penny and Raj’s sleepover. And while everyone has been mum on the exact resolution (are we entirely sure they slept together at all?), Nayyer maintains, “The resolution happens fairly quickly in the season and no one is left with a bad taste in their mouth.” Not even morning breath?

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Let’s be frank: Adrianna was bat-shat crazy last year. But hey, the girl’s been through a lot. And this year, she wants a new start. But as Jessica Lowndes tells EW, its not going to be easy. When the season starts off, Adrianna will find herself working as a waitress at Liam’s restaurant and bar…and on the hot party black list!

“In the first couple of episodes, she’s not really involved in the gang, which means she’s not really invited to the cool parties. But she shows up, obviously, because that’s what she does!” Lowndes says laughing. But how long is she on the outside looking in? Well, can’t be too long, since Lowndes teases that there’s at least one major group trip in the first eight episodes and more in the future.

“There are going to be a lot more group trips, which are just filled with comedy,” she says. “And it’s a great chance to film together because a lot of the time we’re one-on-one. In those, the family is together.”

But HOW will Adrianna prove herself? More on that Monday leading up to the season premiere!


So J.J. is finally a profiler on Criminal Minds; about time, in my opinion! Got any scoop on what’s in store for J.J. in this upcoming season? Can fans expect a more action-packed J.J.? I wouldn’t mind seeing her kick down a door or two! lol Criminal Minds is the most under-appreciated scripted drama on TV, so any scoop you have for it would be great. — JAC, N.Y.

I wouldn’t eliminate the door-kicking possibility based on what A.J. Cook told me when I visited the set: “I’m looking at J.J. as a new character. She’s been through so much, and this time that she’s been away, she literally could have been doing anything, and from what we find out, she really has been doing anything and everything. It’s exciting for me to come back with a certain maturity and sophistication and badassedness. It’s fun to get to do that and see this whole other side to her we’ve never seen before.” But not to worry, at her core, she’ll still be the J.J. you fought so hard to get back. “There seems to be more of a maturity and a ‘don’t mess with me’ attitude, but she still has a heart. Everyone’s worried she’s not going to be the nurturer, but she is. That’s who she is.

First, THANK YOU for covering Criminal Minds! I loved the video. Have any more scoop on the new season! — Nick

If you’ve been following Criminal Minds‘ set on Twitter (and you should), you know there’s a treat for OneRepublic in an upcoming episode. But you don’t know the details. Until now: I can confirm that the band’s guitarist, Zach Filkins, will guest star as a forest ranger looking for answers in episode 6, titled “Epilogue” (airing Oct. 26).

Are we going to meet Sam’s wife next season on NCIS: LA? — @ ncisgal995

BIG NEWS: yes. Just don’t try shaking down EP Shane Brennan for details. “I’m not going to say anything more than that. It’s a brief appearance, but [fans] should start to look for an episode in November sweeps.”

Craig Sjodin

Any HIMYM news will do! Please help a friend out? — Lauren

Well, since you said, any, I suggest you download “Groove Is In The Heart” by Deee Lite. (If you haven’t already!) As hinted in the promo, it’s the song that plays during Barney and Robin’s epic dance! And if you’re anything like me, it’s going to be stuck in your head for daaayyyyys.

Sandra, Sandra, Sandra. I am disappointed. I rely on you for all things Supernatural. Maybe I just missed it, but I didn’t see enough mention of my favorite show/boys/story TV. Throw us a bone, will you? Preferably with accompanying shirtless pics of Jared Padalecki. For purely academic purposes, of course. — Leila

You’re shameless, Leila. And do you really think that I’m the type of entertainment reporter who would objectify a talented male actor by needlessly linking to shirtless pictures of him? Okay, here’s your scoop: Remember the episode “Hammer of the Gods?” Well, according to Padalecki, the show will be tackling religion again this season in a similar fashion. “I don’t know if we specifically bring back any of them, but we bring that mythology back into play. Like, what happens when our culture and our beliefs clash with another culture’s beliefs and what the boys can do about it?” He didn’t mention new God Castiel specifically, but I think it’s safe to assume he has something to do with this. What. A. Good-looking. Troublemaker. Meanwhile, be sure to check out these pics.

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I’m dying for some Parenthood intel! Any nuggets on the finale? — Ryan

Keep your eyes peeled for the Friday Night Lights shout out! The best part? It happens in the company of FNL alum Michael B. Jordon. I chortled.

Any news on my girl Amber (Mae Whitman) in the premiere of Parenthood? Is she still on her bad-girl streak? — Sara

Honestly? I didn’t care for Amber’s ‘tude in the premiere. You (or several of you) might disagree after watching, but I just hate seeing Lauren Graham cry. IT’S MY KRYPTONITE! (Side note: It’s the first TV season without Smallville, and I’m still not over it, so I had to squeeze in a mention of some sort.)

Sandra, every time I see the promos for the news season of It’s Always Sunny, I laugh so hard. Is it going to be as good as it looks? If so, prove it with scoop! — Alyana

Pfft. That sounds like a challenge! ACCEPTED! The second episode, which takes the gang to the Jersey Shore, is one of the most brilliant episodes I’ve seen in a while. But it left me with a few important questions: Can people really get drunk by eating rum-soaked ham? Did Bo Derek ever get one of her little braids ripped out? And exactly how much hobo sex really occurs under the Shore’s boardwalk? Actually, I really don’t want to know the answer to that last one.

Hi Sandra, I need to know more about Catherine’s exit this season on CSI. In particular, just how BIG of a role is Nick going to have in it? His involvement makes me a little nervous. I love these two and hope their friendship stays in tact and of course that they’re both safe. Please help reassure me. Thanks! — Traci

Hmmm…not sure how reassuring this is going to be. The first signs of trouble will definitely be seen in the premiere on Sept. 21 when Nick and Catherine have it out in a major way.

Holy Sh–!! That Sons of Anarchy premiere just blew my mind! NEED SPOILERS — Alex

Don’t you mean it, scalpeled my mind? (Ewwww.) Moving on…episode 3 is really going to highlight the club’s fracturing in a major way with a very important vote. And Piney is going to make a move that puts him in extremely hot water with Clay. Let me tell you, the guy has stones for someone who has to carry around an oxygen tank.

Craig Sjodin

No Psych intel?! C’mon, Sandra! — April

I can confirm that William Shatner needs to be on every single episode of Psych for the rest of time! Trust me, when you see the episode where he plays Juliet’s father, you’ll never want to let him go. In fact, Shawn has a very similar reaction. The two bond. Like, “let’s to belly bumps!”-type of bond. It’s hilarious. Juliet is not so pleased. Also, PSYCH-O PSA: New York-based fans make sure you plan on being at the special Fan Appreciation screening on Oct. 6 at the Ziegfeld Theatre. Jamed Roday, Dule Hill, Corbin Bernsen, and more will all be there. And so will I! Register here for a chance to win free tickets.

I need some non-case-related Bones scoop, PLEASE! Give me the goods, Sandra! — Aimee

Let’s put it this way: episode 6 is called “The Crack in the Code.” I would have called it “House Hunters” or “If Brennan Has It Her Way…”


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