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September 09, 2011 at 01:00 PM EDT

“I’d chat more, but no time Roomies. I’m on my way to Austin for a mini vacation before I begin hibernation for the Fall TV season.

Speaking of which, got questions or reactions to what you’ve seen so far about your fave shows? Rumors you need addressed? Austin food suggestions? Email me!!”


A less-mature person might rub it in your face that the season premiere of Castle was recently made available to media folk. (RUB RUB RUB!) Ehem. But a less-mature person hoping to grow would also answer your questions about it with as much detail as possible without totally ruining the surprises you’ll see on Sept. 19. So here we go! (If you didn’t get to ask any, you probably don’t follow me on Twitter. Tisk.)

Hi Sandra, How would you describe the tone of this season compared to previous seasons? Thanks for all you do! I enjoy your column each week. — Cheryl

If I didn’t know that a very fun Halloween episode and a superhero-themed episode were coming up, I’d probably be thinking we were in for the darkest season yet based on the premiere. But since I do know those are on the way, I feel a little better saying perhaps the deep issues that will be dealt with will be scattered throughout the season as they have been in the past. That said, prepare for some not-necessarily-love-related issues to make your heart ache. Particularly one scene that shows a side of someone we’ve never seen before.

I don’t really have a question, just anything your “willing” to share that doesn’t “spoil” anything. — @BecaGreenfield

You’re going to get a lot for a non-question: The park scene everyone has been all excited about? It’s as deep and as good as we all imagined…but not for the reason you might be thinking.

When will we find out what Montgomery put in that envelope during the s3 finale and who he mailed it to? — @lkanoczzz

First episode. But it definitely opens up some more questions in the process.

More next week! Meanwhile, a sneak peek:


Last season of The Big Bang Theory definitely ended with a bang. (Pun intended) But the complicated relationship entanglements won’t overshadow the core nerdiness of the series this season, according to Kunal Nayyar. In fact, we might see less romantic mess and more…science.

“We get away from the relationship stuff a little bit and get back to the guys doing these scientific experiments,” he says. “We put the relationship stuff on hold and let the guys have a little more fun scientifically. It’s great because you really see the girls get together, too. You have two different things going on, and it’s fun because the guys get to go back to what they are really geeky about, and that’s been really fun the first few episodes.”

But before they get to that, the team has to deal with the issue of Penny and Raj’s sleepover. And while everyone has been mum on the exact resolution (are we entirely sure they slept together at all?), Nayyer maintains, “The resolution happens fairly quickly in the season and no one is left with a bad taste in their mouth.” Not even morning breath?

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