Audiences in 1998 were more than sweet on Saturday Night Live‘s iconic NPR/Schweddy Balls sketch featuring Alec Baldwin. This week, Ben & Jerry’s even gave the comedic moment one of the greatest compliments ever — its own ice cream flavor. According to the Ben & Jerry’s site, Schweddy Balls “is Fair Trade vanilla ice cream with a hint of rum and is loaded with fudge covered rum and milk chocolate malt balls.” EW managed to talk to Baldwin about this, um, unique new flavor and it turns out he wasn’t surprised! “They sent me a sample months ago,” says the actor, who’s hosting SNL for a record 16th time on the Sept. 24 season premiere. “They messengered it over to my house. I had a container arrive on dry ice with malted milk balls and rum-tinged vanilla. I was well aware they were headed in that direction.” But it sounds like Baldwin probably won’t be indulging in Schweddy Balls anytime soon. Says the actor, “I’m a fan of all Ben & Jerry’s, but I’m on a diet now so I’ve kind of cut back.”

Before you run out and purchase your Schweddy Balls for the weekend, take a little trip down memory lane…

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