By Kevin P. Sullivan
September 08, 2011 at 08:45 PM EDT


Following up 2009’s instant classic, the brutal French prison film, A Prophet, was never going to be an easy task for director and co-writer Jacques Audiard, but casting Marion Cotillard as the lead should definitely help. According to Variety, the Academy Award-winning actress (La Vie en Rose) will star in Rust and Bones, an adaptation of Craig Davidson’s collection of eight short stories, which range in topics from a married couple that dabbles in dog fighting to a man losing a leg to a killer whale.

The book’s dark and certainly twisted subject matters are nothing new for Audiard and Thomas Bidegain, the duo behind A Prophet‘s script. (Anyone who remembers the razor blade scene from their last movie can attest to that.) Considering the unanimous praise critics heaped onto A Prophet, the reteaming of Audiard and Bidegain surely shoots Rust and Bones high up the list of movies to look forward to, and adding Cotillard only heightens the anticipation. Budgeted at a reported $22 million (a relatively large amount for a French film), Rust and Bones is sure to be one of the bigger movies coming out of Europe next year.

It has yet to be announced whether the adaption of Rust and Bones will be a narrative woven together with elements from the collection’s different tales, like how Paul Haggis consolidated F.X. Toole’s Rope Burns into Million Dollar Baby, or a more literal translation with separate stories like Stephen King’s Creepshow. Creating a single story from Davidson’s collection might be the more difficult of the two possibilities, since the book covers so varied and odd territory. You could end up with a married couple of dog fighters who lose their legs in a tragic encounter with an orca whale.

I would totally see that!

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