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As any woman in her mid-to-late twenties can attest, Jonathan Taylor Thomas, or JTT as he was known around the Teen Bop/Bop/Tiger Beat/Tiger Bop/Tiger Teens Beep Bop Ba Doop community, was a big deal growing up. You were either so entirely obsessed with the Home Improvement dreamboat that it was hard to tell where the JTT posters hanging in your bedroom ended and your actual wall paper began, or you had a best friend who did. (I was of the latter category. And as a true testament to how much I love my best friend, I actually accompanied her to see Wild America and Man of the House at the movies. After our parents dropped us off, of course.)

Still, no matter what your JTT affiliation, he was probably a vital part of your youth. So brace yourselves, as this will make us all feel incredibly old: The actor turns 30-years-old today! Yes, little Randy Taylor is all grown up and, sadly, much like he did to his Home Improvement parents, left us far behind. While Thomas, also known for providing the voices for Young Simba in The Lion King and Pinocchio in the super creepy 1996 adaptation The Adventures of Pinicchio, has been out of the spotlight for some time, there’s still a special place in our hearts — where first celebrity crushes reside — that never goes away. So, HBD JTT! In honor of your 30th birthday, we’ll dust off our VHS copy of Tom and Huck, have a good cry over your very special episode of Home Improvement, and write you a fan letter to the address provided in the back of BOP magazine.

What’s your fondest JTT memory, PopWatchers? Did you have a crush on him? Share your comments – -and birthday wishes — in the comments section below!

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