By Anthony Breznican
Updated September 08, 2011 at 11:07 PM EDT
Jeff Kravitz/

So Jonah Hill is starring in this comedy called The Sitter, coming out in December, playing a slothful, reckless, frankly dangerous individual who inexplicably finds himself watching a group of children for the night.

And to help promote the film, he’s going to talk to you. That’s right you, bubba.

Call him — (917) 409-7838.

Go ahead, give it a try. It’s free (if you call from work).

A rep for the film says Hill will randomly be answering calls, which kind of fits with his M.O. on Twitter, where he occasionally invites followers to ask him anything for a certain window of time. Here’s how one exchange went down last Friday:

@JonahHill: Okay here we go! I’ll answer any good questions for the next two minutes! Go:

@The_Trout_Bum: “@JonahHill Want to come fly fish with me in Montana?” No thanks.

Let’s be honest though, you’re probably not going to get as lucky as The Trout Bum with this telephone thing, and actually reach Jonah Hill. Maybe he will randomly answer a few phone calls, but it probably won’t be you, so you can just stop bothering God with those prayers. But you’ve got to hand it to Fox for this marketing ploy. Of course you’re going to call anyway, and lots of people will hear a recorded message that’s kind of an ad for the movie. But folks will remember The Sitter and the marketing will have done its job.

If anybody does actually reach him, please let us know in the comments!

And though you go into it with measured expectations, well, what if he really does answer? What will you ask him? You don’t want to stammer and stumble all over your words. Plus, he’s a funny guy. QUICK, THINK OF SOMETHING FUNNY. Your heart is beating a little faster with each ring — once, twice, three times, so maybe it won’t go straight to …

“Hey, you’ve reached Noah Griffith.” (That’s his character from the movie.) “I’m not home. If you’re calling about a babysitting gig, please post a photo of yourself in something along the lines of a bikini or a toga or some sort of lingerie on my Facebook page, which is Leave a message!”

Damn, voicemail.

Told you so.

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