In HBO’s new fall dramedy, Enlightened, Laura Dern plays Amy Jellicoe, a self-destructive corporate exec who lands herself in a Hawaiian mental-health treatment center after suffering a nervous breakdown. When she emerges from rehab, the world looks a little different and she begins to reconsider her role in it.

“Picture if you will, if Lucy [Ricardo] became Norma Rae,” Dern told EW on the set last year. “You know, America has become so complacent, how could we have fun with the question of who still has a voice in America? It [would] be the reactive, prickly person who probably most of the time won’t say it or do it right, but in fact is bold enough to say ‘This is unacceptable.'”

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Enlightened, written and executive produced by Mike White (The Good Girl), also stars Luke Wilson and Diane Ladd. It premieres Oct. 10 on HBO. (Reporting by Adam B. Vary)