By Kate Ward
Updated September 08, 2011 at 11:45 PM EDT

Think Adam is the worst player in Big Brother history? Well, sorry! He won’t be going home tonight! The man, who attacked the last Head of Household competition like it was a Beggin’ Strip, now has the power to announce the two nominees for eviction. But the real power goes to whoever wins the Power of Veto tonight — who will they choose to go with them to the final three? The vets, as always, seem to have the advantage, since Jordan and Rachel are so tied together, and Adam only exists to lap up their trail of fame. But, should Porsche win the veto — well, then things could get interesting, folks.

Come here tonight during the episode to comment on the final four, and be sure to stop by later tonight for my full Big Brother recap. Otev demands it! UPDATE: We have another evicted houseguest! Click the jump to find out who left the house!

After Porsche won the Power of Veto, Jordan was evicted from the house. At least we’ll have a new winner this year!

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