By Annie Barrett
Updated September 08, 2011 at 12:00 PM EDT

Like you really need an excuse to watch our beloved Belle adopt a Honey Badger-esque attitude and saunter around her “little town full of queens and homos” this morning. Do yourself a favor and press play on the brilliantly NSFW “Bonjour” spoof below. As soon as Belle encounters that rude bitch who wanted Marie to hurry up with the baguettes, you’ll be glad you did. But probably sooner, girl.

So many gems in here, and it’s amazing to hear Belle finally stand up for herself and man-voice the disdain that smelly town deserved. I especially love when she cuts off the bookshop owner who’s chuckling “Not since yesterday….” with a so-over-it “THAT’S NOT FUNNY.” It really wasn’t! Bugged me every time.

Well done, YouTube user wehoguy. “That’s how you do it, bitch.” (You know you’re gonna have to do this for every Disney song, right?)

[Best Week Ever]

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