September 07, 2011 at 03:47 PM EDT

Tonight, Rescue Me airs its series finale, and Denis Leary dropped by Late Night with Jimmy Fallon yesterday and explained how easy it is to get what happens to his character out of him. He wasn’t lying. Or was he? We know from the promo there will be a funeral scene, which — SPOILER ALERT — Leary said was the final scene they shot and “I was off camera that day… Ooh, could be a clue.”

Leary is a deliciously dark guy, but do we really think Tommy will die? I think Leary was simply setting the scene for his story about fighting back tears on the set, which led to an enjoyable conversation with Fallon about moments that made them misty-eyed: Fallon cried when he proposed to his wife, while Leary wept at Field of Dreams, Brian’s Song, and E.T. (in front of five of his guy friends). 

Fallon also asked him about starring in The Amazing Spider-Man (he plays Gwen Stacy’s father) and Leary explained why he didn’t show up at Comic-Con. He thought the panel already had enough star power, he was on vacation with his family, and he doesn’t like to see people dressed up. “That’s one of the reasons I didn’t drop acid when I was young, because I didn’t want to go get cigarettes at the corner store and run into Darth Vader, okay. That’s a nightmare for me.”

Watch the interview below.

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