By Aly Semigran
September 07, 2011 at 05:15 PM EDT
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During my sixth consecutive hour of watching Friends on Nick at Nite (despite making me feel very old, this addition to their line-up is quite enjoyable), I started to lose my patience. And not just with the way Ross pronounces “karate.” Rather, it was because every single commercial break featured the preview for Anna Faris’ upcoming calculating-your-sexual-partners comedy What’s Your Number?. The movie itself doesn’t bother me. (In fact, Faris’ English accent-turned-Borat imitation is pretty amusing.) It’s the fact that Pink’s ubiquitous track has found its way into yet another rom-com trailer.

The tune, which dangerously started to veer into overexposed, overplayed territory when the Warblers got their hands on it last season on Glee, took the express lane to the land of Dear God, No, Not Again (“Who Let The Dogs Out?” welcomes you!) when it was featured in no less than three trailers for female-driven flicks.

It’s certainly obvious as to why Pink’s chart-topping anthem about being proud of your differences was picked for a TV spot for Bridesmaids, as well as the theatrical trailers for New Year’s Eve, and the latest offender, What’s Your Number?. It’s a poppy, catchy little tune perfect for montages of wacky moments, but, also, it’s a song about toasts. And what happens at weddings (Bridesmaids, What’s Your Number?) and on New Year’s Eve? Why, you raise your glass, of course! It’s so literal! Watch all three culprits below:

Please, trailer makers of America (who I can only assume all live a life exactly like Cameron Diaz’s character in The Holiday… which most definitely would have used “Raise Your Glass” in its trailer if it had been made this year): For the sake of our sanity and because we want to continue to like Pink, stop using this tune in the preview for any movie that involves a sexy, funny woman doing a pratfall. Oh, and never use Smash Mouth’s “All Star” again either.

Does the use of Pink’s “Raise Your Glass” in trailers make you mad in all the right ways, all you underdogs PopWatchers? Is it the most overused tune of 2011 or have there been worse offenders? Share in the comments section below!

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