By Erin Strecker
Updated September 07, 2011 at 10:13 PM EDT

He’s played the Napster founder in The Social Network, a sexy art director in Friends with Benefits, and an action hero in the upcoming In Time.

But in this hilarious — and NSFW — PSA clip below, people everywhere are coming together to lament one sad problem: It has been five long years since Justin Timberlake has made music. Women All of us need some new getting-down tunes from Mr. SexyBack himself, and someone finally decided to make a video about it:

The desire for more JT is apparently catching on. The video has racked up over 60,000 views in just one day and Timberlake himself tweeted about it earlier, saying, “ ‘cause that’s how science works…’ Hahaha LMAO.”

Tell us: Do you also long for 2006, Music Mix-ers? Are Bruno Mars and co. just not cutting it? Do you think Justin will get the hint or will he continue to go for the gold that’s in Oscars, not Grammys?

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