September 07, 2011 at 01:04 PM EDT

A lot seems to have changed since we last saw our favorite group of once-upon-a-teens from the Upper East Side. Our trampy trio (Nate, S, and the Bass-hat) has gone west, Dan appears to be in a park (Since when can he step into the sun without sparkling?), Chuck has apparently started dabbling in stunt work, and Nate’s gone cougar-hunting (but it looks like it got to him first). Oh, I can’t wait for this. See it below.

Although I find some part of this Gossip Girl promo as baffling as Blair finds the early dinner time adopted by Los Angeles residents, I’m dying to find out how all this adds up. Particularly, I want to see if Dan is really as bummed as he sounds about this “save the date” he has in his hands (which we can all assume is Blair’s wedding invite, right?), and I’m ultra curious about Chuck’s possible new career path. I’d like to say something about Serena interests me, but she doesn’t seem to be up to anything special. She’s still walking around aimlessly, wearing jealousy-inducing color combinations, and trying to reinvent herself. Honey, there are only so many words for you. (But I promise to keep trying to think of new ones throughout this season.) Excited, Gossipers?

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Spotted: Serena, Dan, Blair, Chuck, Vanessa, and Nate — hooking up, breaking up, and freaking out. You know you love it! Xoxo!
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