Blake Shelton | DOWN-HOME HOMEBODY Shelton shows a softer side on his latest
Credit: Andrew Southam

Kick off your Sunday shoes, kids—Blake Shelton has gone Footloose.

The country superstar, who recently nabbed a CMA Award nomination for Entertainer of the Year, has premiered his new song, a faithful cover of Kenny Loggins’ classic fist-pumper “Footloose,” on The Boot. The song will appear on the soundtrack of the Footloose remake, which hits theaters on October 14.

Shelton doesn’t change up the track too much, but he does give it a slightly twangy country twist. “There’s really only one way to approach it,” he explains, “a fun, uptempo, catchy version just like Kenny Loggins did.” Well, mission accomplished!

Listen to the song below:

What do you think of the new “Footloose,” Music Mixers?