Human Centipede2

It is less than 18 months since writer-director Tom Six unleashed his shocking horror movie Human Centipede (First Sequence), the tale of a mad scientist and his fondness for stitching people together rump-to-mouth. But Mr. Six is not a man to rest on his gore-drenched laurels. On October 7, IFC Midnight is releasing the Dutch auteur’s black-and-white sequel Human Centipede 2 (Full Sequence) and you can exclusively see the first image from the film below. The photo shows the franchise’s latest villain, Martin, played by newcomer Laurence R. Harvey.

Human Centipede2

Human Centipede 2 seems destined to be one of 2011’s most controversial films and has already been denied a certificate in the U.K. Of course, the controversy is being stoked by Six himself, who in 2010 released a video in which he proclaimed Martin to be “the sickest bastard of them all” and who told EW earlier this year that the sequel will make the original look like My Little Pony. Just today, an Australian teaser hit the Internet which purported to show a man throwing up while watching the film. Tomorrow, IFC will release another clip featuring actual footage from the movie.

What do you think of “Martin”? And of the whole Human Centipede brouhaha?

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