By Adam B. Vary
Updated September 06, 2011 at 08:07 PM EDT

Apparently, Emma Watson just used her stashed-away time-turner to transport herself back to Paris circa 1985. You know, that bygone era when everyone was bathed in a gauzy, monochrome purple light, young people still shopped and worked in vintage book stores, and lite-rock guitar riffs mixed with plinky piano underscored everything. That’s my best explanation for Watson’s new spot for Lancôme’s perfume “feminine fragrance” Trésor Midnight Rose, a masterpiece of fashion ad nonsense in which Watson skitters through a winsome Parisian boy’s life, leaving her jaunty chapeau behind willy-nilly and then stealing it from his head whilst teasing him with the promise of a smooch by the Seine. Check out the spot below:

Emma! The Ministry will not look kindly on your using magic to take your hat away from that poor Muggle!

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