By Jeff Labrecque
Updated September 06, 2011 at 07:31 PM EDT

In Starz’ upcoming drama, Boss, Kelsey Grammer plays the embattled mayor of Chicago. The new trailer is full of political bromides that reinforce the grit beneath his Tom Kane’s polished facade. “Spectators stand on the sidelines lacking the balls to do this job!” “If in the course of doing what I believe is best for this city there is collateral damage, so be it!” “One necessary evil leads to another until one day you can’t differentiate between what’s necessary and what’s merely expedient.” It’s almost like The West Wing, if Aaron Sorkin had been replaced by David Mamet. Take a look.

Grammer’s mayor looks colorful and complex, but I’m even more intrigued by Connie Nielsen’s (not-so-good?) wife, who delivers lines that would make Gladiator‘s Commodus himself smile. The show looks tantalizing enough. Will it get your vote when it premieres on Oct. 21?

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