Kevin Smith tackles the horror genre with the story of a religious zealot who sends his disciples on a murder spree

By EW Staff
Updated September 03, 2011 at 04:00 AM EDT

Kevin Smith is returning to his roots with Red State, a grindhouse horror bonanza about a cadre of religious zealots led by a preacher (Kill Bill‘s Michael Parks) who are murdering for Jesus. As with his 1997 debut, Clerks, Smith shot the film in a month for less than $4 million. The director publicly shunned the studios by buying his own project at Sundance for $20, then took it out for a nationwide tour last spring prior to its theatrical release (it will also be on video on demand starting Sept. 1). ”Marketing is something I can do,” says Smith. ”I come from Quick Stop. Before we made Clerks, I was a clerk, so I know how to sell something.” —Keith Staskiewicz

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